Apply to Animate for Wendover Productions

This application will close on the 24th of October.

(Possible extension based on response)

    So, you want to animate for me. I want to make sure that you know what you'd be getting yourself into before you even apply. I would expect that you have some experience doing simple animations like you see in my videos--preferably more experience than me. Your job would basically be to tackle the more complicated animations in my videos. I don't want the format of my videos to change. It should basically look like I just suddenly got two more years experience animating. This is not a dream job. I need someone who can work with short deadlines (likely less than one week from start to finish.) Also, to be perfectly honest, the pay would not be great (at least for now.) I work with a small budget, and I can't pay professional prices. I'm looking for an amateur animator because I'll be paying amateur prices. Also, just to be perfectly clear, this is not anywhere near a full-time job. You'd be working as a freelance animator on a job-to-job basis (although there'd be an expectation that you'd work on most/all my videos.) That being said, you'd work closely with me, help the channel grow, and gain some really good experience working behind the scenes on a fast growing YouTube channel. If you're still interested after reading all that, I have the details on how to apply below.


    Now, to try and discourage you a little more, I have to say that this application process will be a bit time consuming. There are basically two steps.

First, I want you to write a bit about why you want to animate for Wendover Productions and what experience you have. Basically convince me to hire you. Rather purposefully, there's no length guideline and the topic is rather loose.


Secondly, animate 24 seconds of this:

(This audio is from a freelance project I did.) 

My advice to you would be to try to take my existing style and improve on it. Don't try a new style.



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